This work is for my first loves: art, music, ocean & earth.  

I grew up making things in my Dad's woodshop, picking salads from the garden, practicing piano and spending nearly every summer weekend in the ocean. Split between studying art or music, I decided to pursue art at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where I explored installation sculpture, glassblowing, crafts & woodworking- I loved working with space and elements. I was fascinated how art could evoke an emotional experience.


Painting came later, when I felt more full of stories & trusted my dream worlds. 


I worked designing brand environments for high profile corporate clients - primarily behind a computer- and for years I had yearned to interact with real materials, and make things with my hands again.


I felt it as a soul-necessity to give priority to creations that expressed my own values & visions. To return to my fine art background, to embrace a tactile process with slower,  introspective rhythms,  and  work driven by personal inspirations.

Much of what I'm interested in  feels primordial, elemental, yet also imagined.  Music plays a large part of my process. At times, I'll paint as if I'm conducting & emoting with the music. Currently working with watercolors, metallic elements, and in progress pieces using earth & stone.  

I'm grateful to my husband, family and kitty for all their inspiration and support.

Photo by Melodee Solomon.