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Damaged Artwork

  • If you notice any serious damage to the outside of your package please immediately take photos of:

    1. Unopened outer packaging damage 

    2. Inner packing materials  

    3.  Damage to artwork.


  • Report Damaged Shipment within 48 hours of delivery- no later.  Any damage claims beyond 48 hours are not accepted.

  • Keep the outer packaging, inner packing material & artwork until the claim has been completed.  If the carrier claim is accepted, we only offer a no-cost replacement, or store credit equal to the original purchase amount.

  • Avoid accidentally damaging your artwork (if a work is unframed), and leave all unpacking and handling of the artwork to a trusted framing professional. We are not responsible for mishandling.

Report Damaged Shipment

*Important : Form and Photos must be sent within 48 hours of your original delivery date- claims submitted any later are not accepted.


I will followup with you ASAP to process your claim.

Does container damage correspond to product damage?
Container condition:

Thank you, we will contact you ASAP. Please prepare to send photos of the damage (required).

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